Monday, December 7, 2009

Gift Guide: For all the women in your life

Here are some gifts for all the ladies in your life!

A spa treatment. Any spa treatment. A facial, a massage, anything. Something with juniper, grapefruit, anything tasty smelling. Seriously, my BFFs gave me a spa weekend for my 30th and I STILL melt whenever I think about it. Thank you again you guys!!!!

Cashmere Sweater, various. I like this one, $168, available at Nordstrom

Loving Frank, $10 at Amazon. A compelling, mostly true story about Frank Lloyd Wright and his lover. Shocking and amazing!

Heart charm, $65 in silver, $350 in 14K, Bittersweets NY. (browse charms to find the heart- and look at everything else while you're there. Gorgeous stuff). I think that this is so romantic! A heart charm that is shaped by a real heart.

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