Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Life Easier: Sending cards

My grandfather never ever forgets an important day. Birthday, anniversary, holiday cards- all come like clockwork (he has a list and buys all his cards at the beginning of the month, addresses and includes the date to mail in the corner, underneath where the stamp goes- brilliant!). A college friend's grandmother has been sending me cards on every holiday for the past 15 years (I only met her once, but I love Bonnnie!). Taking the time to put something in the real mail is a lost art. Sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries, Arbor Day... is something I always mean to do. It just doesn't always happen. Sometimes/often I even have the card all ready and for some reason it never gets in the mail (I have holiday cards from the past 2 years that never made it to my dear friends). So this year I am setting up cards to be sent automatically from Tiny Prints.

I can personalize each card, enter the address and Tiny Prints will mail it on any date I choose. It's not perfect, but it's workable. Now, the only problem is sitting down and entering all of them! I started, I promise!

Thank you's from Atticus's "Haunted Jewel Castle" 5th birthday party.

Though, you might want to keep in mind you might have, say, an anniversary card that goes to a couple who has split, people move, etc. You can change your order so that  you don't make any embarrassing missteps!

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