Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enjoy your kids: Robots!

Last weekend we were looking for a good way to spend our "technology-free Sunday" together. I suggested making superhero capes, but apparently that is so 2010... Atticus suggested we make robots. I quickly got on board. First step... We needed supplies! We loaded up in the car and headed to Archie McPhee's. They've got all sorts of fun things in the back that are roboty. After a quick coffee break at Cafe Besalu (best pastry in town!), we continued on our robot supply search at McLendon Hardware. Then when we stopped at Nana's to pick up something she added to our stash. We got home around 2 and worked on robots until dinner. I love it when a project lasts all day long!

 Hank was more interested in dressing up. And scowling.

We used screws to attach the different parts, so they should stay put for a bit. To make the silver body, we used aluminum foil and contact paper. Some tinsel in my holiday stash became "rock star hair". We stacked the boxes up and screwed them together. By keeping the opening part on the back, we can continue to add to it. Plenty of robot parts left for the next rainy day. There sure are plenty of them here!

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