Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Postmortem- The Kids

Atticus is 3 3/4, so I let him choose his costume. At first, he wanted to be a vampire. I was excited that he chose something so traditional! Then, he changed his mind and wanted to be Peter Pan. And he wanted to carry his shadow. I love this boy! We already had a Peter Pan-ish jacket. I added green tights, an appropriate hat, belt, mustard shoe covers, and, of course, his shadow.

For Henry (20 months), I chose bat. It went along perfectly with a vampire (sigh). I bought a black sweatsuit and added bat wings and ears to it. Thanks to mom for doing the sewing!

Here are some shots taken at a park nearby. (Photos taken by Jeff Benitz)



Jamie said...

That last pic is so cute of both boys! How did you do Pan's shadow?

Emily said...

I traced Atti wearing his hat onto paper. Then I spent ONE HOUR cutting it out of this really slinky, slippery fabric (something black and synthetic). Then the sweetpea refused to carry it around. I don't even have any pics of him with it!

Oh, and he remarked that it was "kinda small". I pointed out that he's not a very tall person...