Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween Postmortem- The Party

The Halloween party went well, but I'm too old for nighttime parties. I think this was my last! In a few years (when the wee ones are old enough to enjoy it!), I'll come back with a family party. Until then, I'll just decorate, enjoy the season, scare trick-or-treaters and watch zombie movies to celebrate.

Theme: Thriller

Menu: Martha's Ladies Fingers, bread and veiny cheeses, gravestone brownies, blue corn chips, yummy chive chevre dip (thanks Callie!), black grapes (frozen to look creepy), sangria (thanks Beth!) and beer.

Highlights: Photo area (flashlights and frame as props), backyard area for overflow, creepy portrait wall, creepy forest animals, costume contest (and trophies).

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