Monday, November 23, 2009

Midcentury Housewife's Wish List

Not only is Christmas right around the corner, but I'm lucky enough to also have been born in December! So, I'm sure people will be showering me with gifts the whole month! Here's what they should buy me... (and a great list to start with shopping for all the stylish ladies you know!)

Images courtesy of (clockwise, starting in upper right) piperlime, not martha, apple, paper source, origins, amazon

A wall calendar for my office. Either this one or this one.
A new laptop. ANY laptop would be better than my well worn Toshiba. Dare I take the plunge?
Amazon's Kindle
Pretty ribbons (my favorite source is Nancy's Sewing Basket's ribbon room)
My favorite lotion from Origins
Cupcakes from Trophy
New wellies (like these or these)
Trip to SLC for the Alt Design Summit & Sundance


MSB said...


I am on my third Mac laptop. I had a clamshell iBook in college, a PowerBook (which Jeff took to Iraq) and my new MacBook Pro... and I have loved them all!

Brooke said...

I agree with Mandy... take the Mac plunge!

Great list, by the way. I am completely unstylish... maybe I should take some serious notes from you!

Annie said...

Have you ever heard of the website called ??
(As if there isn't enough cool stuff to find on the internet... )this site has you list all your favorite activities and then you start "stumbling" by pressing a button on the webpage and it takes you to random websites that match your interests. The Design conference that you mentioned made me think of it. Watch out though-it's kind of addictive!! I hope you get everything on your list!

Carla said...

Third one urging you to make the switch to a Mac! Love this list, wish it was wet enough in Tri-Cities to wear the Wellies (MSB needs them for Georgia too)! I want to go to the ADS conference too, looks amazing!