Monday, November 23, 2009

Ornament Roundup

Each Thanksgiving, my mom buys the same ornament for me, my two sisters and herself. She's been doing this since about when I left for college. So now, we have (an undisclosed amount of) ornaments that are all the same/similar. I think it's a really sweet tradition so that our trees all have reminders of "home". I started doing this for Atticus on his second Christmas (hey- give me a break for #1, he was only 11 days old!). I try to pick something meaningful for the year. Year 1 was a seahorse because his favorite book at the time was Secret Seahorse. Year 2 was a really fun/cute metal airplane ornament from Pottery Barn. Last year was a snowman ornament (which was actually perfect since we had a lot of snow around Christmas!). This year I'm on the hunt for a monkey ornament because both of my boys love their stuffed monkeys! I have a separate box that these ornaments go in (the ones that are in my collection go on the tree) and then, when the boys are ready, they'll get their boxes of ornaments, complete with a guide of each ornament, year and any little notes about that year.

As I've hunted around, I've found some great (non-monkey) ones. Check them out! Many are inspired by midcentury design.

These diorama ornaments made by Terri at giddy giddy (via Ohdeedoh) are adorable. I particularly love the ones with the Little People!

These classic ones from Design Sponge. I made a bunch a couple of years ago that I bring out every year. Would love to make a giant one for my front window!

Made from ping pong balls!

 LOVE these retro felt ornaments available on etsy

CB2 has some great, modern/retro ones as well. 

Ray gun spaceage glass ornaments (discovered via Atomic Addiction)

I think these are the ones I'm going to get.

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