Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hank will be two.


If it weren't for his newfound independent streak and his answer of "No!" to everything, I probably wouldn't believe it. But, March 15, my little baby will indeed be 2. I'm struggling with his party theme. I kind of wanted to do a "mustache" party (similar to this yellow party), but that might be a bit too weird. Then I thought about superheroes, but it feels like that's been done a ton and might be best to keep for when one of the boys is a bit older. Any ideas out there? He's two, so I still get to choose! Perhaps for the last time...


Lisa said...

A barnyard friends party. Natalie loved farms and animals at that age and your quilt below made it obvious.

And as if it were a sign, my verification word below is "idewe". Ewe. Sheep. Baaa.

Good luck!

Emily said...

Good idea, Lisa! I'm also contemplating Nemo (modern, of course- no tacky plates!!)