Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

December was rough- leaky roof, laptop incident, minor car accident, sickness, birthdays, holidays, etc., etc.!  I didn't get a chance to post much!

I love the peace and calm of January after an always-chaotic (and delightfully celebratory) December. Things I'm particularly looking forward to in the coming months of 2010:

-a special January birthday for my sweetie
-helping design my sister's nursery (yay!!)
-Valentine's for the preschool set
-a birthday party for Hank. 2!

I try to avoid it, but I'm making some New Year's resolutions. In addition to being generally a better person, eating better, blah, blah, blah, my design and party-related resolutions include:
  • a makeover for the boys' room. My challenge includes designing around my son's FAVORITE blanket (see above). It is a quilt my mom make three decades ago and wouldn't be my first choice for a color palette. But I love a challenge! And the greens are great!
  • being realistic about my children's birthday parties. I love planning them, but always end up rushing around at the end making sure everything is perfect. And it never is. And I'm always sorta disappointed. You'd think I'd learn! (My guess is this will be on next year's list as well.)
  • finally committing to painting my house (inside). I've lived here for almost 4 years and have aimed to paint each of those years. While I've been deciding on colors, the walls just get grimier and grimier. No flat paint with these kids!
  • Turning my disaster bedroom construction site into a lovely new restful sanctuary!
What are your design/hosting resolutions?


Jamie said...

Love that blanket. Have no doubt that you will do amazing things with their bedroom.

My resolution is to do *something* with Katie's room. Decoratively speaking. And I mean more than giving her a crayon and letting her color on the wall. Which was an accident in the first place. I swear.

Carla said...

Hmm - Josh decided that we are selling the house this year so that means clean up, painting the (flat) painted areas that haven't been painted in the 9 years we've lived here, also VERY grimy. But that also means putting a rush on developing the notebook of ideas I've developed over the last several years and make a real house design plan. Suggestions always welcome! New house will be built very near a llama farm that you have some knowledge of in East Kennewick :)

Emily said...

Isn't it sad to fix up a house and then move? I totally understand the reasoning behind it, but I always wonder if people then wish they didn't have to move... You guys moving for more space?
Jamie- I will come over and help you decorate your sweet pea's room. I wish I had a girl...