Friday, January 15, 2010

New bedroom!

I'm trying to make a little lemonade here... My roof is/was leaking (in the process of fixing it!!) and there was extensive damage to my bedroom. I've been sleeping in my living room since Thanksgiving. So, instead of dwelling on how disruptive and expensive and generally yucky this has been, I'm looking at the positive. I'm finally going to get to decorate my bedroom a little! Since my wall is all torn up, I definitely need to paint. And I'm thinking I'll replace the carpet, too. I'd love to make a few of these or the corner of my room, above my bed, though probably not in pink.

from ohdeedoh

My biggest challenge is picking colors that look good with my built-in. It is a beautiful honey-color-stained wood. Very midcentury. I'd like to keep it, so very cool and dark colors are out. I'll paint the walls white, but might go purple for the wall behind my bed. I love purple!!!

                                        plum perfect          fire and ice           angelina
all from Benjamin Moore

I can't decide if I should go girly (the only spot in my house where boys aren't allowed! LOL) or sanctuary/spa-like. Vintage? Modern? My multiple personalities are fighting!

Suggestions welcome!


Brooke said...

Which did you decide to go with?

Emily said...

I've painted one wall a dark purple. It will be a mix of stark modern furniture (bed, desk) and very girly accessories. I hope it turns out great!