Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pass-through Redo

Sometimes I need a little mini makeover. This was a mini-mini makeover. I was exhausted, and felt like my house was out of control! I decided to take one surface that I see ALL THE TIME and clean it up. The pass-through window from my kitchen to living room is a magnet for junk. Anything I don't want the kids to reach ends up there as I walk by.

Here's the before:

On this ledge are my jewelry box (why?), disinfecting wipes, a creepy vase I got at Goodwill (for Halloween), 3 little figures I'll probably use for my sister's nursery, a pincushon, a pic of my and my sisters, my glasses, a paint sample, etc., etc. You get the idea!

Here's the after:

I kept the creepy vase because I LOVE it. Weird, I know. I also let the giraffe stick around, but added a little heart because it is almost Valentine's Day. From my shelves I added the adorable owl pitcher my sister gave me for Christmas, a little orange vase that belonged to my grandmother, a red vase, and my Jonathan Adler vase (best appreciated from the kitchen in this little group!

Y voila! 10 minutes to clean up and reorganize a bit. When Vday is over, I'll take out the red vase and the giraffe and add this turquoise vase I'm hiding right now.

Next up! Bathroom...

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