Thursday, February 18, 2010

Party rules

Image from etsy

There are a few rules I live by when planning and hosting a party. And a few I should live by. Here there are...
  • A true party must have balloons and hats and chocolate cake (this from Atticus- is he my son or what?)
  • PLAN ahead. Seriously. Like months and months ahead. When Atti's bday finished up (in December), I started thinking about Hank (March).
  • Know your audience- While I would love a beautiful party themed with, say, quirky moustaches or a single color throughout, my two-year-old son will be blown away by a giant Nemo on the wall.
  • The age you are turning dictates the number of kids at the party.
  • There is nothing wrong with ordering out the food.
  • Clean absolutely everything you would like to clean the night BEFORE the party. I promise you will not have time the day of.
  • Take a shower before you do anything else that day. You don't want to look awful in the pictures. Trust me.
  • Do not try to throw a party without help. Especially if you have small children.
  • The invite sets the tone. Really, an evite will not do.
  • Something is always better than nothing. If you can't get a big party together, throw something small and special. Sometimes all it takes is a big chocolate cake, a lit candle and a festive spirit to properly celebrate.

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