Monday, March 15, 2010

Preview- Hanks' birthday party

My baby turns 2 today. Invites for his party next week are pictured above. I took an image of the famous clownfish from online, blew it up to the size I needed, cut off the head (sorry, Nemo!) and hand cut out the invites. Many pieces to this one... the card itself, the orange fish part, the two white stripe bits. I love that they are all a tiny bit different and very handmade.

Other plans: Giant vinyl nemo for a "pin the fin" game, balloon boat racing, light snacks, yummy cake. Voila! A party!!

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Phuong said...

OH! I love the invitation. How creative and different. I'm having a Nemo party for my 2 year old in June. Can't wait to see pics so I can some inspiration and ideas!