Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I miss Don...

Sigh. Swoon. I miss the booze and the smoking and the advertising and the set and the skinny ties. How on earth will I live when this show goes off the air?

The show makes me want to dress all worky for work (even though there are people in sweats at my office). Here's some inspiration for work looks:

Pencil skirt at Banana. Yum! She even looks like she really wants to be holding an office cigarette!

Three piece suit from Banana.

And look at this "resort collection" from Target! Definitely some work finds there.
From Zara
I'll have to put together some looks from my closet for inspiration. It's so easy to start the year out with good intentions for dressing like a grownup, but come mid-January I am often back to my old ways!

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Brooke said...

Yes, Mr. Draper and Co. will be missed terribly when they eventually go off air. The season seems to go to quickly to begin with! I love the inspiration outfits you found.