Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Life Easier- Calendars

It's nice to have a wall calendar. You note important events and glance at the whole month every few days to stay on track.

I always think bigger is better... so I use the Stendig calendar. I love the design, of course, and I love that you can get it each year (always at Crate and Barrel). I suppose I don't like change!  Here's my calendar for January:

I put little party hats on birthdays and use an 'h' for holidays. I also write notes on the days, use special stickers for Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc, and make general notes in the top area. A really, really adorable idea with the Stendig is to take a picture of your baby each month sitting/laying on top of the month to see how much she grows. This never quite worked out with my kids, but I wish it had!

Other great calendar sources: Paper Source, Etsy, blogs or make your own! Here are others I'm using this year:

I particularly love this little January calendar.

I got to my desk at work and a friend suprised me with this cutie!

As much as I love electronic calendars, my daily organizing is done with a good old black moleskin.
Sleek, soft and classic!

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