Thursday, January 13, 2011

Luke, I am your painter

Inspired by this mural, I decided to take the Star Wars plunge and paint Luke Skywalker on the boys' bedroom wall. I did this quite awhile ago, but hadn't yet put up the promised lightsaber. Last week, cruising the Target toy aisle I find this. On sale, 1/2 off. Perfect! My inner 5 year old boy is in love with this lightsaber. It can be on the wall or taken off for playing. It has 8 different colors and a REMOTE CONTROL! You can lay in bed and change Luke's lightsaber. So cool!

Here he is, Luke in all of his glory. I've promised to reprise the painting after we move (but on canvas next time, not the wall!).


A few of the colors (although my resident SW fan swears that Luke would never use a red lightsaber!

Purple is my favorite, of course.

And who wouldn't love vintage Star Wars curtains and these sheets!

I will have to clean, I mean style, the rest of the room and take some pictures. I found a pair of really cool dressers at Goodwill that are perfect. Although I tried not to make it too themey, it is tough when they have so much SW stuff to begin with! They love it, though and it is their room, not mine. Although I'm not sure I would mind Luke on my wall. I sort of have a crush on him now! (Sorry Han!)


Carla said...

So so fantastic! Love the light saber and the boys are right - never red! What's up with a move?

Emily said...

Moving out of my little South Seattle house for lots of reasons- extensive work that needs to be done, it's tiny, NONE of my friends live down here, it's far from work... I'm hoping to rent a house in the Fremont/Ballard/Wallingford/Green Lake area. Better schools, better restaurants, better quality of life!