Friday, January 7, 2011

Ikea love

My current favs at Ikea. Tempted to go to the sale this weekend... but. am. resisting.  Maybe. If you see me wondering the aisles with that glazed over ikea stare, please remind me that I do NOT need any: plastic organizers, felt food, obscure kitchen gadgets or 1/2 of the things in my cart. Make me put them back!

These cute little cars were not there on my last trip, but I think they'd be adorable
with all of our automoblox. And 1/3 the cost! (First seen on babble.)

Ikea mug + milk frother + hot cocoa = very happy little kids

I've always wanted to buy tons of these slippers and keep them on hand for visitors.
Maybe someday when I have more than 850 square feet and an actual guest room!

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