Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Life a Little Easier

My life is pretty scheduled. I work full time, but have managed my hours to be home with the kids two weekdays. So, when the kids aren't with me, I'm working or sleeping! I really only have Saturdays to clean, shop, run errands and rest! The running around part was driving me crazy. I'm a single mom most of the time and always run out of something on a day that I'm home with a spirited 5 year old and a very active almost 3 year old. Have you ever been to the grocery store at 5 pm with two cranky kids? It's a NIGHTMARE!!

Enter: Amazon Fresh

It has changed my life! Saturday nights while my sweet ones are sleeping, with a glass of wine in hand I plan the meal for the week, update my automatic order and my groceries are delivered before I wake up Monday morning! I have things like bananas, milk and bread automatically delivered. I can add items up until Sunday night at midnight. The best part about grocery shopping online? When you forget the butter, it's just a click away, not all the way across the store!

It is actually less expensive than going to the store because the temptation of impulse purchases is almost nil. And, if you forgot that you need a gift for yet another kiddo's birthday, add it to the order. I purchased all of the plates, food and drinks for my last party via Amazon. They are my heroes!

The customer service has been great. Every few orders they send a little something- flowers, a cookie cutter or something like that. When I ordered a lip balm that ended up not being in stock, they sent a similar one for no charge!

NOTE: I was not in any way paid by AmazonFresh to gush about them. I just love them and love supporting a local company.

Unfortunately, they only deliver in Seattle for now. But to make your life easier, try delivery from Safeway (I go with Amazon for their variety, lower threshold for free delivery and I don't have to be around when groceries are delivered- but I've tried Safeway and it works just fine!)


MSB said...

I was getting SO EXCITED about this...then you had to go and pop my bubble by telling me I can't have it. BOO!

Anonymous said...

They actually deliver as far south as Kent, as far out as Duvall! Just go to the website and check your address: :] HAPPY SHOPPING!

Emily said...

Great to know it's in the GSA. I'm moving soon and will be sure I fall in the delivery area!

(Sorry that won't help you out in Georgia, Mandy- I really hope they expand this service!)

Carla said...

So jealous that you have this option! I am an amazon junkie! Great to see you back Em!

Emily said...

Thanks, Carla! Hopefully Amazon Fresh does well here and expands!