Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blogs I heart

I love just cruising around and finding design blogs that are new to me. Here's what I've found and a fav post for each:

Happy Mundane
Fav post- I'm absolutely in love with this living room. Yellow and blue are huge right now and I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm thinking of using this as a template for my new living room... That rug!

Image originally from Lonny Magazine

Fav post- Is there any chance those light pink/purple sofas would work for a house filled with boys and a man? Because I would LOVE them... I could also love them in a light blue, a mustard or bright green...

Fav post- That. Green. Sofa.

Just knowing a space like this exists in Seattle gives me hope! I love looking at the renovation process. So satisfying to just take 10 minutes to review something that took a year! You should really look at the house tour. It is truly lovely. I could move in, not change a thing and be perfectly comfortable.

Image from houzz


Carla said...

Love Love Chezerbey too. Especially the ladder!

Emily said...

Wish I could afford that kind of luxury and had the talent to pull it off!

Love the way your house is looking, btw. I think you should give it a grand name. I know a summer house in Maine called 'Sky Farm'. Love it.