Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sources: Gift Wrap

Local Sources (Seattle)

Packaging Specialties- Wow. If you need to wrap a gift, please go here first. Every sort of box you can image, lovely ribbon, gorgeous wrap. Again, it's not always cheap, but you won't be disappointed with the selection! They also have a good assortment of cellophane bags for a good price and small little bags and boxes that are perfect for party favors!

Paper Source- Their paper is the best. Sorry, but it is. Rich color. Nice and thick. Just plain yummy. And not too expensive. I used it for all of my holiday gifts this year. Their ribbon is nice and not too expensive, too! A note with thick paper, though- It's a little unforgiving when it comes to perfect creases.

The ribbon room at Nancy's Sewing Basket is not cheap but it is divine. Be sure to go with a budget in mind and be prepared to spend lots of time drooling! They have some lovely vintage ribbons. I have been known to buy a yard here and a yard there of $20/yard ribbon. Yikes!

Online sources has some great ribbons at really reasonable prices. Check out these velvet ribbons!


Paper Mart has ribbons and great bags and boxes!

Happy wrapping!

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