Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Next Party: Henry turns 3

My baby is turning 3! Three is huge- he'll be a real person who has to pay to get in to movies and everything!

Last year I had an elaborate Nemo-themed party for him. The invitations were all hand cut. There was a giant Nemo on the wall. I did a lot of work. (and then lost all the pictures- stupid camera card!)

So this year I thought I might take it easy and just do something small. I announced this at a football party last weekend and people were shocked! These same people who witnessed me cutting out all the Nemo invitations and they couldn't believe I wouldn't be doing anything.

March is actually a great time to throw a party because there's not much else going on (versus Atticus's birthday in mid-December). And I've thrown Atticus a party every year. Hank has gotten the short end of the stick as the second child does- huh? baby book? And I really love throwing parties.

Ok, I've talked myself in to it.

Now, what to plan?

Working ideas:
-Star Wars at the Pacific Science Center, then cake at home
-Lego guy party. This kid is crazy for lego guys. He loves them! This might involve a trip to the lego store, or perhaps just something here at home
-Superhero party (though this has been a bit overdone lately)

I just promise that this time I won't go over budget, over board or over crazy. No, really, I promise! Stay tuned.

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