Monday, February 7, 2011

Tangled Party!

It's no secret that my boys are all-boy. There's no way I can talk Hank in to this party. BUT. It is lovely, adorable and perfect for a little girl. I love it when moms actually plan a party that their kids love. I always ask my kids what party they'd like and then build around that. It's actually very easy to throw a classy Disney-themed party without a licensed item in sight! (Hank got Nemo last year and it was really adorable.)

This Tangled theme party is very inventive, not too matchy, matchy and really lovely to look at. Will someone throw me one? Details here, here and invite here. The invite was recently featured on Martha Stewart!


Brooke said...

Riley would have loved a Tangled party! But, seeing how her party is on Sunday and I have been extremely (OK ridiculously) busy lately, she will get a cheesy, store-bought party. And a joint party with her brother, no less! I haven't even bought anything yet... she wants ballerina stuff and he wants Transformers. Maybe 2012 can be my year to be creative- you definitely inspire me! :)

Emily said...

You have been super ridiculously busy! How did the party(s) go? It would be so tough having 2 birthdays in a row.