Monday, February 7, 2011

Where the heck have I been?

Last week I was too busy to post. My sister is GETTING MARRIED! And she's letting me help plan! I haven't had a lot of excuse to search through wedding blogs. Until now. And the flood gates are open. I'll try to control myself, but I'm very excited! I just love this engagement ring. Lovely etsy seller. Conflict-free diamonds. Very romantic and unique.

Posts this week will (hopefully) be decidedly un-wedding-like. I will keep the details under wraps until the big day! Look forward to:

- A really amazing little girl birthday party (When does Katie turn 4?)
- A $50 living room makeover (mine!)
- If you love...
- Valentine's ideas  oops. Guess I'm a little too late on this one!

Happy Monday!

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