Monday, September 24, 2012

Goodie bags for the pint-sized guests

I asked the boys what we needed at the wedding to make it a good party. It was unanimous. "Goodie bags." Apparently only the cool parties have goodie bags. I did three different versions. One each for the small kids (4 and under), the medium kids (6 and 7) and the big kids (10 and older).

They were a huge hit! Just look at Hank sporting his mustache and beard!

Everyone got:
A notepad with activities (each age group's was a little different)
A plastic monster finger puppet (boys picked these out!)
Ring pop
Glow bracelet
Snack (fishies, chips, squeezy applesauce)
Parachute guys- 2 sizes
A mustache and/or beard
Personalized crayons or pens
Disguises (fake glasses on a dowel, fake lips, etc)

Little kids also got:
Big fake diamond rings for the girls

Medium kids also got:
Metal puzzle
Foam stickers and sheets
2 plastic puzzles/games

Big kids also got:
Wood puzzle
2 plastic puzzles/games

Treats for the babies (fishies and squeezy applesauce)

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