Sunday, September 23, 2012

Midcentury Housewife is once again... a wife

I haven't blogged in ages because 1) My god who has the time? 2) Nothing I'm doing or finding is any cooler than anyone else out there. 3) My one fan got a new job and doesn't have time to follow me anymore (love you Mom!)

But, lots of people have asked about my wedding and I don't want to weddingbomb my facebook page.

The scene: My husband (!) and I had a lovely ceremony and reception at Ray's Boathouse in Seattle, WA. We had many family members travel to Seattle for the first time from the east coast and we think they loved our city! Ray's takes care of most of the details, so I spent my time, energy and money on design work for the invitations, out of town bags, goodie bags for kids at the wedding, escort cards, etc.

All print items were designed by me in Word or Photoshop (I am a novice, nothing was fancy).I had a really fun time designing them.

The details:
FONTS: Novecento and Lavanderia.
COLORS: Navy Blue (RGB: 36, 63, 96) and White. Nothing else. Anywhere. At all.
THEME: Sort of Modern Nautical. It was on the Puget Sound, on a dock. We didn't want it to be too nautical, so for the reception we used various islands for our table names. Half of the islands were from Maine where my husband's family spends the summer vacation and half were from Washington, where I grew up.

Links to specific design elements:
Invitation Suite (Coming soon!)
Welcome bags for family from out of town
Goodie bags for kiddos at the wedding
Favors (Coming soon!)
Reception design- Placecards, Escort cards, Menus, etc. (Coming soon!)

I hope you enjoy!


Carla said...

Can't wait!

Emily said...

Carla- You're such a sweetheart. Why are we not best friends? Thanks for peeking at my wedding blogs!