Sunday, September 23, 2012

MCHW Wedding- Welcome bags

We really, really wanted our out of town guests to feel at home and welcome in our fair city. Seattle has a lot to offer and many family members had never been out here. We made 20 bags, purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 each. We tried to include some practical items as well as local foods and treats. Each one contained:

A Seattle Map
A postcard
Starbucks Via
A doorhang that said "Do Not Disturb We're Recovering from the Lamont Wedding"
Theo Chocolate Bar (source: Bartells had them for almost 1/2 price!)
Chukar Cherries
Tim's Cascade Potato chips (purchsed big bags, but you can buy the smaller bags at a great price from their website if you plan ahead)
Dried fruit from Costco (individually packaged)
Nuts from Costco (individually packaged)
Bottles of water (with special paper used in invites around the labels)
Izze cans
Homemade cookies in glassine envelopes with my husband's favorite chocolate chip cookies (very thin) and mine (very fat). Labels said "He said THESE are the best cookies" and "She said THESE are the best cookies"
A notepad with personalized wedding events, directions from guests particular hotels, ideas of places to visit and "he said/she said" recommendations for dining and sightseeing.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda
If time and funds were unlimited, I would have included:
A small space needle dye cast souvenir
Smoked salmon (too expensive at 20 bags!)
A hangover kit with crackers, tylenol, eye drops, etc.
Jones Soda- You can make bottles with personalized pics. Would have been fun!

I really enjoyed putting these together and family members loved them. But it was a lot of work! And they cost a ton when you multiply everything by 20! I think this is the sort of thing that really personalizes a wedding, though. And not only would I do it again, I would start earlier and go bigger!

Bags were stamped using a space needle stamp purchased at Impress Rubber Stamps with fabric paint.

Notebooks were printed at Kinkos. Space Needle rubber stamped on after.
I used padding compound to make the printed paper in to pads.

Page 1 of the booklet. Created in Word.

Doorhang. Created in Word, printed 3 to a page on cardstock and used 2 inch punch to punch out the hole. The cut a small notch in to hang on door.

The bags all put together!

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